Windows File Search: 3 Easy Methods You Can Use

windows 10

Normally, there are a large number of files on your computer hard drive. These files are always kept in different partitions and folders. At times, users may don’t know the exact location of the file they want to use immediately. How to search for files in Windows 10? There is more than one way that … Read more

Fix- HP Laptop Touch Screen not Working

hp touch screen

Several times you may face a problem with your HP touch screen. There are several ways to fix the HP laptop touch screen not working. If your HP computer touch screen is not working correctly then follow the below steps. Use the troubleshooting steps Step 1: Confirm the computer has a touch screen You have … Read more

Is PC Gaming Better Than a Console? Mystery solved

PC gaming

PC gaming is the most moderate it’s at any point been—and for many individuals it’s likewise the best an incentive for a huge number of reasons. Truly, Microsoft’s amazing Xbox One X support conveys an astonishing measure of value for your money. Equipment costs are simply part of the condition, however. Here’s a bunch of … Read more