Having some problem with your account for playing pogo games, or having some technical queries? You can easily contact Pogo games support to help get the answers to all your problem and play the games you want to. this guide will help you with various methods with which you can easily contact pogo games support.

This article will cover methods including contact via chat, contact via email, and contact the support team via the call method. in case of instant help contact direct line for help at pogo customer care number for Quick and effective Help.

Now some of the Pogo problems Can be Fixed using simple methods. when the pogo game is freezing or having trouble with the browser does use easy methods of troubleshooting & fix it on your own without contacting pogo support.

Phone Support Number

pogo customer service may call you once registered a ticket over the chat however Pogo games do not have a direct support number. contact via email or phone. Contacting them is only possible with the chat method. However, there is some third party that allows fixing your error with their charges.

Contacting pogo Support With Chat

  • To contact the support team of the pogo games with contact page, visit their website https://help.ea.com/en/pogo/pogo/ Upon visiting the website, you will see various options on the page, such as login, signup, menu, and many more. There will be the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of the page. Click on that, and you will be headed to a new page.
pogo customer service options
  • Then you will be asked to select the platform you are using or the platform on which you play games. The options will include- PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or Android Phone. Select between them the platform you prefer playing the game.
  • Once you have selected the platform, you will be asked to select the topics. The list of topics will include code and promotions, game information, manage my account, missing content, orders, report a bug, report concerns or harassment, and technical support. As per your queries, select the topic that fits best as per your requirements.
  • Once you select the topic, there will be certain issues falling under each topic. These will be the most common issues people face during the gameplay or logging into their accounts. Select the issue you are facing.
  • In some of the issues, there will be another option: ‘Do you need help with Pogo’s early access experience. You can select yes or no. Once selected, click on select contact.
login with pogo account
  • Once you are headed to the next page, you will see a login box. You will have to enter your login credentials and login with your account to get your queries solved faster. You can also contact them without having to sign in pogo account.

Without Signing In

  • Click on ‘Get help from an advisor without logging in,’ and a new page will open.
  • You cannot open the link in a new tab or new window. You will be then required to enter your first name, last name, and your email address with which the contact team and contact you.
pogo customer support
  • Click next, once you have filled in the details. Then you will be asked to enter the subject.
  • You will also have to attach the files which show your problem. Make sure that the file size does not exceed 5 MB. Once done, click on ‘request live chat,’ and you can talk to pogo games’ customer support via the live chat option. any issues related to pogo sign in problems can be fixed without customer support help.

With Signing In

You can either sign in with your game account to contact customer support. By signing in to your account, you will be able to get faster replies from the customer care team. You will be asked to fill in the subject of your query and attach the file to depict your error or problem. Once done, click on request live chat to start chatting with the customer support team. You can also cancel your pogo account whenever you like.

if you have trouble like Games Freezing, pogo not loading or the games have any other issues with java, flash or browser do checkout our Guides on the matter to solve the problem.