as Netgear is among the top wifi router brands it’s common to have problems with the router every once in a while. today in this post we will help you understand why Netgear wifi not working and how you can troubleshoot the Netgear router to get it working.

Now when you are not sure why the router has stopped working use the step-by-step method to cross-check the issues and solve the router to get it working.

Why Netgear Router is not Working

the reason behind the router not working can be multiple or one of the reasons is given below.

  • Internet disconnection from the Modem side
  • Router technical Glitch or outdated firmware
  • Overheating of Netgear router
  • Incorrect setup and settings change.

Know More reasons why Netgear router not working and how to get it configured after reset.

Now, let’s move further to get the Netgear router working again. start with a basic power cycle.

Restart the Netgear Router with Modem

  • turn off the Netgear router and plug the power cable from the router.
  • turn the power to your internet modem and wait for five minutes while the router and modem cool down.
  • now plug back everything together and let’s see if the Netgear router has started working again.

Login to Netgear router and update firmware

sometimes settings are changed by some other user or settings have malfunctioned Please follow the steps.

  • open the computer and make sure you are connected to the router using the ethernet cable.
  • access the internet browser and type or to access the router
  • use the default username and password which is admin (username) and admin (password)
  • check more information on netgear router login here.
  • update the router firmware from settings and restart the router.
  • make sure the modem is detected by the router and all the settings is sync
  • check all settings such as wifi password, network name and other settings to ensure the settings are not at the fault.
  • save the settings and connect restart the router and check to see if the Netgear router has started working again.

now even after all changes if the router has no internet try to reset the router to default settings and reconfigure all settings.

Reset Netgear Router

plug the Netgear router to the power outlet and restart the router. find a paperclip or toothpick or any tiny object to reset the Netgear router back to default settings.

  • while the router is powered on Please locate the reset key at the back of the Netgear router
  • press the reset key using the toothpick or pen and hold it for next 10-15 seconds until you see all lights flashing on the router.
  • now let the reset key go and restart the router. it should restore all settings back to default.

Setup Netgear Router After Reset

if your settings have been reset and then please setup the router like a brand new router.

  • Connect the modem to the Netgear router using the ethernet cable
  • turn on the router and modem and plug them near each other
  • start the configuring using netgear router setup guide and finish the installation in a quick and easy way.

if you need more help with Netgear router troubleshooting do checkout this netgear knowledge base guide.

Please comment below and let us know if you need any other help with the Netgear router wifi not working.