We all know now Internet is so important part of our life. As you are reading this article means you have Rockspace Extender and We appreciate your choice because there are many extenders in market but Rockspace Extenders are the best. It provides unbeatable internet speed and covers large area.

just like any other Digital electronic device rockspace extender are also not immune to the problems so if you are having trouble with setup. performance, configuration or any other trouble related with extender then this post id really what you are looking for. please read the post till last and find out quick methods to fix your problem related with rockspace range extender.

Problems You may have with Rockpace Extender

  • Setup related issues
  • device is not connecting with Rockspace_Ext.
  • Questions related Placement, speed and coverage
  • Extender is not communicating with main router
  • security related troubles.

Extender is an plug and play device that comes really handy for someone who have big house and thick walls.

Basic Things to Make sure Before Troubleshooting

  • Your Main Router/Modem is turned on and working.
  • confirm that you have an active internet connection from isp (internet service provider) side.
  • the rockspace extender should not be placed more then 30 feet’s of main wifi router (depending on the range of main router)
  • make sure you know the correct wifi password for rockspace network
  • Know the default details for extender such as default ip address, username and password for console.

Note:- you can Setup Rockspace Extender via Ip address or re.rockspace.local web address.

Try the Power Cycle

this is one of the most used and basic technique to counter router and extender related issues. please follow the steps-

  • turn off the range extender and unplug it from power outlet.
  • Unplug the Router and Modem from power and turn them off for 2 minutes.
  • make sure cable connection bitween router and modem is solid and cable is not faulty
  • plug everything back again and give it minutes to boot up and load the settings.

this should do the trick, now go and check if your rockspace extender is working if not lets move to another steps.

Reset the rockspace Extender :-

Here You have to factory reset your extender to its default.

  • plug the rockspace extender to power outlet and turn it on
  • locate the reset key at the back of the range extender
  • use a paperclip and pen to press the reset key at the back and hold it for 10 seconds
  • when all light on extender starts flashing let the reset key go and restart the extender

Configure Rockspace Extender :-

  • Open the wifi setting in your device and search for the wifi network available.
  • Once you find Rockspace_Ext click on it. Once connected.
  • Open web browser in the sane device and type the Ip address mentioned above or type re.rockspace.local web address to access and configure the settings.
  • You will redirected to admin setup page where you have to enter the username and password.
  • After submitting you willable to make changes and setup you extender.

Password Security and performance

once you access the rockspace extender console you can manually choose security types, setup encryption key (wifi password) and set admin password for the console access.

you can change band settings for performance and setup parental lock and well as block unwanted websites to access the extender network.

Upgrade the firmware:-

  • Connect Extender and router with Ethernet and power on both of them.
  • Open browser and search for official website and download the latest firmware for your device.
  • Extract the firmware from the zip file and save it to other location.
  • Go into the program section and open the System device tabs. Select the firmware Upgrade option and refresh the firmware.
  • Once it done please reboot your all devices and access the extender network.

hope all of these methods will help you solve any problem with rockspace range extender.