Canon is a very well-known and reputed company that manufactures high-end products like printers, cameras, etc. If you talk about Canon printers, they are one of the best printers in the market in all aspects. 

Canon Error 5B00

Recently, after the adoption of the continuous ink system, Canon printers are showing countless errors. And one of those is a 5B00 error message. However, after installing a continuous ink system on the Canon printers, it has become very efficient as they will offer lots of work in less time. 

If you talk about this continuous ink system, it has come with some disadvantages one is that printing the CISS can cause ink spills inside the printer that shows a 5B00 error. This error can be seen in various Canon printer models like Canon mp280, Canon mx410, Canon g2000, and Canon mp287.

But the good news is you can quickly eliminate this issue after doing some steps.  find an easy method to solve canon printer not printing or canon printer offline problems in quick steps.

There Could Also be Many Other reasons behind the problem Such as –

  • The wrong type of ink Cartridge Or Misplacement of Printhead
  • Clogged Printhead or Incorrect Canon Software.

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If you have a Canon printer and you are experiencing this issue, then consider resetting its ink counter. It is effortless means you have to press some errors and will be resolved. 

 So, through this blog, you will come to know how you can eliminate this error with some easy steps. They are as follows: – 

Step 1: Switch off the printer

Ensure that the Canon printer is entirely switched off while starting to eliminate this error.

Step 2: Hold the Resume button

After turning off the Canon printer, hold down the Resume button, which looks triangle inside the circle.

Step 3: Hold the power button

After holding the resume button, press the power button also. The green light should appear.

Step 4: Leave the Resume button

While keeping the power button help down, release the resume button. After that, press it twice. The first amber light will appear and then green.

Step 5: Release the Power button

After doing the above steps now release the Power button also.

Step 6: Reset the counter absorber

To do this step, the user first has to press the Resume button four times and then the Power button to confirm the selected action is reset counter absorber.

Step 7: Turn on the printer

what canon has to say on the matter- canon printer community

Now, first, turn off the Canon printer and again turn on the printer. if nothing works please reset and uninstall the printer driver and connect it with wifi to start all over again. find more on how to connect a canon printer to wifi using the simple method while performing canon printer troubleshooting.

After doing all these steps, the error called 5B00 will get eliminated, and your printer can work smoothly and efficiently without trouble.

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