Before we discuss fixing the interesting pogo games when they are not loading, it is important to know about what it is, and why this issue is occurring. The pogo gaming multi-player gaming experience is just beyond one’s expectations. Pogo is the biggest and oldest online gaming website, where gamers can find 100+ casual games to play. These casual games are free of cost to play. Sometimes while playing, the Pogo games face problems in loading over the Internet Explorer. It occurs due to some reasons, and to play smoothly it is important to fix the issues. you can also dial pogo support phone number in case you need direct help

Are you the one, who is facing the same issues If so, then don’t worry at all until we are here? In the details we are going to break down below, you will come to know why Pogo refuses to load and how to fix this issue also. So just continue reading, and resolve the problem ASAP.

Why does Pogo refuse to load over Internet Explorer?

No need to doubt that an excellent gaming computer can make the gaming experience much better and smooth. Your pogo gaming will be smoother and relief. Apart from having an excellent gaming system, still, you face issues while login in, you must check out the credentials first. All your gaming excitement is going to disappoint you. as we have already explained pogo games freezing issue however the interface of pogo games is vast, and sometimes technical issues occur while playing. There are several reasons that can cause these loading issues. The reasons for causing the issue are:

  • The reason can be the problem with the browser.
  • Java or Adobe Flash is not working properly as it runs on the same.
  • The browser is not compatible with the new version of Google Chrome.
  • When the browser does not support the technology.
  • In case the gamer is using the older version of java or adobe flash.

After doing research, we have found some fixations for the issue. These fixations are too beneficial to use to deal with the issues:

Refresh or restart the system:

restart your pc

To deal with the loading issue of pogo games, the easiest way to deal with it is to refresh or restart the system. Press the shift key, and then refresh your system with your mouse, or by pressing the F5 key. This will help to neglect the cache in the browser and will use the present page of In case this does not work, you can try rebooting to solve the issue. also, make sure to remove pop up block for pogo games.

Clear the cache of the browser:

To deal with the loading issues of Pogo, it is important to clear out the cache from the browser. To clear the cache, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the settings of the browser.
  • Now the history of the browser.
  • Clear history.
  • A list of checkboxes will appear with the history of the browser. There is one box given named as cache. Click on the cache option.
  •  Now click on the delete button.
clear cache & history

This step by step process will clear all the cache present in the browser. When the cache will be cleared, it is time to restart the browser again. Now, the flash and java based game from pogo will definitely work for the gamers.

Either it is java based game of an adobe flash-based game; make sure the cache is cleared in both cases.  try this method when pogo games won’t load to your system.

Gamer can try playing via other browsers

In case the above-demonstrated methods are not working, then you have only one option left except changing the browser with a separate one. Most of the gamers use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. If these will not work, then one needs to switch to a different browser, which can help to run the Pogo Games properly. So you can surf the internet, and find a new alternative browser to run the pogo games for a better gaming experience.

Use the new version of Java

Sometimes the Pogo Games do not run because of the older version of Java. Sometimes the browser is fair enough, but the JAVA is facing issues. Now remove the older version of JAVA.
Follow the given steps for the removal:

  • Press Window Key + R. Write appwiz.cpl.
  • Uninstall the JAVA from there.
  • Download the latest version of JAVA from the offical
  • Install the software.
  • Now time to restart the browser and enable the new version of JAVA.

try easy methods to fix pogo java or flash problems.

Maybe the internet-facing issue

Sometimes the slow internet connection is the reason why your Pogo Game is not working or it is not loading. To deal with the issue, one should speed up their internet connection for a better playing experience. Check the internet speed from

Bottom Line

Hope that now you can fix the pogo games loading issues easily and instantly. Else you can take help from pogo technical support, they will provide you further information and fixations also.