Who doesn’t love games? Almost everyone loves to play games irrespective of age. I have seen adults too enjoying their favorite games on PC or mobile. Pogo.com is one such platform that gives you access to hundreds of interesting games. If you are a game lover you must already be familiar with this name and must have played at least a single game on Pogo.com. You must have noticed that Pogo games freeze or crash while playing.

Pogo Games work in your browser. They depend on the functionality of the browser, the system updates, and other technicalities. Many times it happens that we do not update our browser or system software. So, the games can crash while playing, or the games page load slowly which can cause issues while playing. Sometimes the situation becomes quite irritating and we end up closing the tab.

Today in this article we will share some ways to fix the Pogo Games freezing issue. Let us look at them one by one:-

Check Your Device / System using Compatibility

Not all games are compatible with all PCs. Your system might not be having the necessary technical requirements required for a game, the same is the case with this game. So, if your game freeze while playing you can use the Compatibility scan tool of Pogo games to check whether your system is compatible or not.

  1. Run the compatibility scan
  2. After the scan is run it will show you the errors (if any)
  3. If you find some errors, look for the resolution of the errors and see if the game runs smoothly after resolution or not!
  4. If the problem still persists, try the second method.

You can also run another compatibility scan after you feel that the errors have been resolved at your end. if the issue is with a particular one browser like if pogo is not loading on internet explorer then there is specific troubleshooting for that particular issue.

Checking whether your Game Runs on Flash/java

Pogo games are browser-based games. So, if your current game is running slow or crashing while playing you need to know whether your game runs on Flash or java. Let us learn how to resolve the Pogo games freezing issue for both:-

A. Java

To resolve the Pogo games crashing issue follow the given steps

  • Check the current version of Java and update it if it is outdated.
  • Make sure that Java is enabled in your browser. This can also be one of the reasons If it is not enabled, do it.
  • Try clearing the Java cache and restart your PC and check if the game is working or not after doing this.
  • The last thing you can try is to try clearing the browser cache and check if the issue is resolved or not.

it’s also possible that your game is being blocked by antivirus and you should add it to the white list or remove the blocking g settings.

B. Flash

Let us now learn how to resolve the crashing issue for Flash.

  • Check whether Flash Player is working on your PC or not.
  • If you already have a flash player on your PC make sure it is enabled for the browser you are using in your system. We suggest you use Google Chrome.

  • You can also check the Flash player storage and Global storage settings. Configure if there are some issues.
  • Uninstall the Flash player, try reinstalling it. It might eliminate the crashing issues of Pogo games.
  • Last but not least you can try removing all the sites from the storage panel of the game.

at any point of time when the issue is not being fixed please contact Pogo customer Service for help.

Other Methods:

  • Check the resolution of your system. Please read the resolution guidelines for the game’s free and paid version. You can find the correct resolution on the official site of Pogo.
  • Check if there is any firewall that might be causing the issue. Try turning off the firewall just to check if that was causing an issue.
  • You must have pop-up blockers enabled in your browser. Try remove pop-up blocker for the Pogo games page.

We believe that these methods will solve the Pogo games freezing issue. If you still face any issues you can ask us through the comments section below.