Normally, there are a large number of files on your computer hard drive. These files are always kept in different partitions and folders. At times, users may don’t know the exact location of the file they want to use immediately.

How to search for files in Windows 10?

There is more than one way that can be used to perform a Windows 10 file search. In this post, we will show users 3 easy and effective methods that can help the users quickly find their needed items. Users can choose a suitable method that they would like to use.

Method 1: Search for Files Using the Taskbar

Users can search for the needed files using the Windows taskbar. This method is very simple. Users can right-click Windows on the computer desktop, select Search from the popup menu, and then type the name of the file they want to find.

Windows will show users the found files. Then, it’s time to check whether they are the needed files.

Method 2: Search for Files Using File Explorer

Some users reflect that the first method doesn’t work all the time. If so, they can try to search for files in Windows 10 using File Explorer.

This method is very flexible. Users can even use it to search for file contents in Windows 10. Besides, it is possible to find the needed files by type if users forget the name of the file and file contents.

Now, we will show users how File Explorer works to search for files in Windows 10 in different situations.

Suppose that, users want to recover data from the computer hard drive.

First, users can search for files by the name of the file.

How to search for files in Windows 10 by name?

Users need to open File Explorer and then go to This PC. Users can find a search box on the top-right corner. They can type the name of the file and then Windows will begin to search for the files that contain the input name.

file name search

Perhaps, there will be many search results. Users need to find the target one manually. Here, they can perform an advanced search. They can open the search toolbar and then select this information to narrow down the search range: Date Modified, Kind, Size, etc.

search by date

Second, users can find their needed files by file contents. If users forget the name of the file, they can use this method to have a try.

Before searching for file contents, users need to enable this feature in File Explorer: go to Search > Advanced options, and then select File contents. Now, the File contents feature is enabled. Users can type the file contents into the search box to make Windows show you the search results. At last, users still need to find out the target files among the search results.

file search

Method 3: Search for Files Using Everything

Besides using the Windows snap-in tools, you can also use a third-party utility to search for files in Windows 10. Everything is worth recommending.

This file search utility Windows 10 allows you to search for files by name and type. It also has some other features you may be interested in. It is just a tiny software. You can download and install this software on your computer to have a try.

search using everything

How to Search for Lost Files in Windows 10?

The above 3 methods tell users how to search for the existing files in Windows 10. While, if the files users want to find are lost or deleted by mistake, how to rescue them. Users need to use third-party data recovery software. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a good choice.

This software is specifically designed to rescue files from different data storage devices. Users can use the trial edition of this software to check whether it can find their needed files.

deleted file recovery

This software is very easy-to-use. After downloading and installing it on the computer, users can open it and then select the target drive to scan. When the scanning process ends, users can see the scan results.

There should be numerous scan results. Users can find the needed files by path, by type, or by name.

If this software can scan the needed items, users can then upgrade it to a full edition and then recover all the lost files without limits.

All the methods to search for files in Windows 10 and find the lost files are introduced in this article. Users can just select the suitable one to help them solve their issues.